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The Discount Fabrics USA story so far...

Discount Fabrics USA has served the Washington, DC area with fine fabrics since 1994. Our guiding principle is to offer fine decorator fabrics to the public for a fraction of their original cost. By successfully fulfilling this goal, we’ve grown from a small fabric store in a sleepy Maryland town, to one of the largest fabric dealers on the Eastern seaboard.

Discount Fabrics USA takes pride in standing out from the crowd. We launched our online store three years ago and since then, have offered over 7,000 fabrics for sale online. These beautiful products come and go, but one thing stays constant- our relentless drive to find the best fabrics money can buy and offer them to you for less.

We won’t settle on buying cheap fabrics, we know that our loyal customers demand more.

We appreciate your business and look forward to offering you that next great deal!

What is the difference between Discount Fabrics USA and USADiscountFabrics?

We are so similarly named, we understand the confusion. We, Discount Fabrics USA, cannot change this other company’s name, but our hope, in this page explaining the difference, will help our future customers. As most you probably know, this happens with long-standing companies where they mimicked, or competitor companies name themselves similarly to a good brand. This has been one of these cases for Discount Fabrics USA. We, Discount Fabrics USA, care about the people who have their problems with USA Discount Fabrics. We do our best to solve these problems with this other company.

Discount Fabrics USA has its own webstore: http://www.discountfabricsusacorp.com/ and is located in Thurmont, Maryland. We also have a brick-and-mortar location in the same town. Discount Fabrics USA started in 1989. They have thirty-two years of experience in helping our customers.

First USADiscountFabrics has an Etsy account, web store: https://www.usadiscountfabrics.com/ and is located in Spindale, North Carolina. The company started in 2017. If you look on their website, there is no location for their business nor telephone number. That’s why people contact us, Discount Fabrics USA.

The reason for writing this page is that Discount Fabrics USA, has been getting lots of phone calls from customers from USADiscountFabrics. Most customers of USADiscountFabrics have been charged and yet not received their shipments. These customers have been calling and blaming us, Discount Fabrics USA, for USADiscountFabrics orders. As we are told over the phone, Discount Fabrics USA is the only one out of the two that answers their company phone. We apologize for this confusion and we hope that this webpage will help our customers with their buying decisions.

Valerie Teske
Owner, President
Discount Fabrics USA

Our warehouse showroom is open to the public, six days a week (but closed on Sundays).
108 N. Carroll St.
Thurmont, MD 21788
(301) 271-2266

* Discount Fabrics USA offers affordable shipping rates to anywhere in the world. For samples standard shipping is free.

Express options are available for both samples and fabrics for an additional fee.

Disclaimer: Discount Fabrics USA makes every effort to ensure that the image you see matches as closely as possible the actual fabric. Because colors may vary from monitor to monitor we strongly urge you to buy samples first whenever possible.

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