Woven Designs

Kids Fun (Denim) by Robert Allen
Collier Campbell Vignettes Counterpoint (Earth) by Fabricut
Collier Campbell Vignettes Counterpoint (Enamels) by Fabricut
Collier Campbell Vignettes Counterpoint (Porcelain) by Fabricut
Alliston (Apricot)
Autumn Splendor by Altizer & Co.
Baden (Date) by Brunschwig & Fils
Classic Diamond Frame Matelasse (Butter) by Regal
Coral (Dark Peach) by Peachtree Fabrics
D'Alene by Valley Forge Fabrics
Diamond Rattan by Sunbury Textile Mills
Domain (Scarlet)
Dreamcicle (Orange)
Eclipse (Ebony) by Brunschwig & Fils
Einstein (Brick)
Florets (Blue Yellow) by Stroheim & Romann
French Patch (Tan) by Altizer & Co.
Gotham (Currant) by Hield
Green Tree by Valley Forge Fabrics
Heavenly Leaves (Gold) by MarQue
Heavenly Leaves (Green) by MarQue
Homage a Monet
Houndstooth (Oxford) by Decoule
Kobe (Chocolate) by King Textiles
Montclair Figure Woven (Blue) by Brunschwig & Fils
Moon Beam (Teal)
Playa #010 by Empire House
Salerno Figured Texture (Nectar) by Brunschwig & Fils
Santa Rosa Stripe (Desert) by Motif
Turquoise & Tan Blossom
Vine (Violet/Teal)
Homestead by Laura & Kiran Fabrics
Bad Lands
Ajo (Sky) by Motif
Ajo (Gold) by Motif
Ajo (Chestnut) by Motif
Tangle (Biscuit) by Wearbest Sil-Tex Mills
Tangle (Brown Gold) by Wearbest Sil-Tex Mills
Portland (Fern Goldenrod Butter) by Wearbest Sil-Tex Mills
Becky (Plum) by Empire House
Versailles (Sage) by Empire House
Cool Stripes (Lapis) by Robert Allen
Herring Stripe (Mineral) by Robert Allen
Bayfield (Jade) by Robert Allen
Conner (Eggshell) by Empire House
Serena (Natural)
Chelsea (Natural)
Infinity (Black & White)
Gulls (Patina)
Gulls (Linen)
Flora Feliz (Campari)
Sanctuary Swirl (Cayenne)
Jac-O Seafoam
Slate Blue (Grey)
Fraserburgh (Forest) by Robert Allen
Harwick (Beige)
Crystal (Crimson)
Bronze Palm Trees
Harwick (Claret)
Floral Swirl (Merlot)
Axis (Melon)
Jack-O (Gunmetal)
Club (Natural/Washed)
Seuss (Marble)
Conch (Celadon)
Harwick (Crimson)
Jac-O (Cinnabar)
Lasnk (Ocean)

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